Our “LTE & VoLTE Roaming Strategy” Research focussed on the typical Wholesale Roaming team and its challenges, outsourcing requirements, processes and needs when delivering LTE Roaming. We were able to make some conclusions on how typically Operators build their Roaming teams for LTE and what works optimally for them.

Optimising the Roaming team for delivery could be considered a science, because it takes experience and skill to make it work smoothly. We asked Operators to tell us:

What were the key challenges of launching LTE Roaming?

and an overview of the results are in the diagram below. We learned that IPX are a key component and finding the right IPX is incredibly important. This launched our IPX Networks Vendor Performance research which is now concluded and the leaders in IPX will be announced next week.

Anyone who took part in this anonymous survey will shortly be sent the full “LTE & VoLTE Roaming Report 2015” report to their chosen e-mail account.

If you find this useful, please pass along to your colleagues or Roaming partners who don’t yet have LTE Roaming. Watch out for other data in the coming days from ROCCO about delivering LTE Roaming and IPX Performance. To take part in ROCCO Research projects follow this link.

Jason Bryan CEO ROCCO

To Download this Infographic ROCCO LTE Roaming 2015

ROCCO LTE Roaming 2015-3