1We believe that its important to have as much data as possible to make strategic decisions about VoLTE. 

Welcome to the second ROCCO Research Survey specifically on VoLTE Roaming. The survey is for all Vendors who offer VoLTE specific products or services. The purpose of this Survey is to understand the current vision of VoLTE service in Roaming and Interconnect scenarios.

Contact us incase you wish to take part in this survey contact@www.roccoresearch.com and we will send you the Interview questions  

The deadline for Interviews with ROCCO is 10th May 2016

All Vendors who take part will receive a special Executive Summary of the reports findings with key strategic information. The research is hosted and conducted by ROCCO.

VoLTE is on just about every MNOs minds these days. Our LTE Roaming Strategy Report 2015 told us that LTE Roaming was going to be big despite the challenges with roll-out, compatibility of Roaming Partners and IPX maturity. VoLTE was a major concern for MNOs within that report and in our IPX Networks Vendor Performance Report 2015 MNOs also indicated that when it comes to VoLTE there were still a lot of open questions. Also within our Data Clearing and Steering of Roaming Research we investigated the impact of LTE and VoLTE.

As the market matures but still lacks a common direction, ROCCO has been interviewing MNOs who face these challenges and with their specific help has designed two new research studies which focus on extracting useful and important strategic information on where MNOs intend to go and how. This Research for Vendors follows research started yesterday for MNOs on VoLTE Roaming and Interconnect and will culminate in a single Market Intelligence Report.

Background on VoLTE:

The LTE standard only supports packet switching with its all-IP network. Voice calls in GSM, UMTS and CDMA2000 are circuit switched so with the adoption of LTE, carriers need to re-engineer their voice call network. VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) follows an approach that is based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) with specific controls for voice service on LTE.

This approach results in a voice service being delivered as data flows within the LTE Data and no dependency on CS voice needs to be maintained. Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE), which is the next generation technology, will soon cause a major disruption for roaming services currently being delivered by core telecommunications operators, as more operators rollout the VoLTE service.

One of the challenges with VoLTE calls is dealing with what happens to the call when a user leaves an LTE coverage area, which are still limited in scope compared to legacy networks. Voice is cited by customers as the second most-common reason for churning from a carrier.

Thank you for participating.