20/01/2017 Launched today new Research with Vendors which will identify their offerings for Data Clearing and Financial Clearing towards MNOs for wholesale Roaming. One thing which has never really been captured is the current status of DCH and FCH providers in the industry, how their services differ and what products they sell which help MNOs to handle the heavy work of Clearing Roaming traffic. Even while MNOs in recent years, with the emergence of LTE have the ability to understand better their subscribers usage while Roaming, nothing beats the use of Data Clearing and Financial Clearing functions who work with all MNOs globally in providing the data needed to settle bills with Roaming partners and to understand the status of International Roaming. Their services are fundamental not only to the deliver of International roaming today but to the optimisation of it.

Data and Financial Clearing Market Intelligence 

With this research ROCCO will interview all the Data Clearing and Financial Clearing Vendors in the market (At present more than 10 Vendors offer these services) and ask them about their specific services and products as well as identify their direction in terms of Roaming Management and other hot industry topics like roaming regulation, IoT, eSIM etc.

The objective is to create a directory of all Vendors in the market and to understand in detail how they compare to each other. ROCCO does not intend to judge the vendors but more so just to be sure what they offer is understood in the market. ROCCO will deliver a comprehensive report in March 2017 the Data and Financial Clearing Market Intelligence Report 2017 which will be a useful tool for MNOs to understand what these vendors offer and secondly to allow Vendors to have great insights into the market in which they work.

The research will be conducted exclusively from 20th of January to the 20th February 2017 and vendors who are interested to take part should simply contact ROCCO at hq@www.roccoresearch.com to take part in this research. All known vendors who offer these services will be approached today by ROCCO to take part with a formal invitation, introduction to the project and the list of questions.

Data and Financial Clearing Vendor Performance Reports

This Report is running simultaneously to the Vendor Performance reports on Data and Financial Clearing which started two days ago. For more information on the Vendor Performance Research please follow this link.