Steering of Roaming

Our Steering of Roaming Research begins today, featuring insights into Consumer eSIM and Roaming IoT.

17/01/2017 ROCCO Today launches its 4th Vendor Performance Research Survey into Steering of Roaming Vendors. The research was initiated by ROCCO on request of Independent MNOs and MNO groups looking to change vendor.

Please follow this link for the survey

Steering of Roaming Vendor Performance Survey 2017

While the main objective is to understand who are the best Vendors for SOR this years survey also includes questions about Consumer eSIM and Roaming IoT. 


The research is conducted with MNOs who complete a short and confidential survey on what they think to vendors in the market. ROCCO reviews the respondees and the responses and creates reports which are then available to the market for review. Any MNO seeking to change DCH or FCH or who just want to give feedback may take the opportunity to take these short surveys.

MNOs who take part receive for free an Executive Summary report while an MNO or Vendor wishing to understand the detailed perceptions of and ranking of all vendors in this field may want to buy the Strategic Analysis version of the report which is typically 100 pages of data on the detailed KPIs for these services.

The surveys will conclude in 8 weeks time with the results published shortly after. Therefore mid March 2017.

Thank you for supporting ROCCO Research.

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