A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Research Closes 9th June

Since we launched the research on 28th April we have received more responses than ever before to our survey for MNOs about the performance of their A2P SMS Vendors. This years research digs deeper into the mobile engagement options for MNOs and the support these vendors bring to monetisation of the A2P SMS traffic.

MNOs can comment on the following vendors which are listed in the survey or any other vendor they choose: Airtel Business, BICS, Calltrade, Cequens, CITIC Telecom International, Clickatell, CLX Communications, Corporation Tedexis CA, CS Networks, Dialogue, Dimoco, GMS, Infobip, Interactive Digital Media, InterVAS Uganda Ltd, Hook Mobile, Horisen, Javna, JT Global Ltd, Lleida, Locotel Ltd, Mahindra Comviva, MessageBird, Mitto AG, Mobiweb, Monty Mobile, Mr Messaging Ltd, M-STAT, Nexmo, OpenMarket, Orange International Carriers, Panacea Mobile, PCCW Global, Route SMS, SAP, Silverstreet, SMS Highway, Syniverse, Tanla, Tata Communications, Tele2 Group, Telceom Italia Sparkle, Telesign, Telintel, Twilio Sweden (Beepsend), tyntec.

The Survey closes on June 9th at midnight with the report published on the 14th June. To participate, MNOs can click here

All MNOs who participate will receive the Executive Summary of the Report

Many thanks for your participation.

New A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance 2017

London 28/4/2017 ROCCO the reporting company launches its 3rd annual investigation with MNOs into the performance of A2P SMS Vendors

MNOs can click here to take part in this years A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Research. They have until early June to leave their response and in return for the 5 minutes it takes to complete they will be sent directly to their e-mail the exclusive Executive Summary report for free.

If you’re an MNO you will know that there are many many vendors in the market offering A2P SMS (actually hundreds). You may also have already signed up with a few. But there may also be the need to sign up or make direct connections with more… so which should you choose?

For three years ROCCO™ has been conducting neutral and unbiased A2P SMS Messaging research. We have produced 4 reports which have helped numerous MNOs understand the market for A2P SMS and the Vendors which are available to them.

  • Vendor Performance Research: Confidential Research with MNOs where the Mobile Operator rates according to over 30 KPIs Vendors of A2P SMS and reports on the pros and cons of working with certain vendors. We conducted this research in 2015 and 2016 and we are repeating this research now (see the link below).
  • Market Intelligence Research: Research with Vendors where you can see side by side the Vendors of Mobile Engagement or specifically A2P SMS Messaging. They report on the trends they see in the market as well as the opportunities.

For more about ROCCO and our reports see our catalogue.

MNOs can also rate these vendors or any vendor in the field of Roaming and Interconnect in our Customer Service Research 2017 specific research which started last week and ROCCO is also currently conducting. Simply follow this link to take that survey.