Published today: ROCCO’s Signalling Firewall Market Intelligence Report

26.06.2017 London. Taking more than 8 months to design and research, featuring 13 Vendors of Signalling Firewall solutions we have finally concluded our Signalling Firewall Market Intelligence Report. In the coming weeks we will be talking about our findings in this research but for now we invite everyone in the Operator and Vendor community to take a look at an extract from our report by following the attached link.ROCCO Signalling Firewall Market Intelligence Report 2017 – Executive Summary

Signalling firewall is a general term we give to SS7 Firewall and/or Diameter Firewall solutions which are both featured in this report. Signalling Firewall is a huge topic in our industry right now (we know this because this is probably the most demanded report we have been working on this year) even in the GSMA working parties standards are not quite concluded but nevertheless what was important to MNOs was where to start with Vendor selection and how these vendors differentiated themselves.

See our Article The Vampires and the Bats behind SS7 for more information about the background to this report.

The Participating Vendors 

Anam Technologies, BICS, Cellusys, Computaris International, Enghouse Networks, Evolved Intelligence, HAUD Systems, Mobileum, NetNumber, Orange International Carriers, Openmind Networks, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Symsoft.

Why ROCCO is doing this research

Last year we conducted two reports into SMS Firewalls:

This research seemed like a natural evolution of those studies and we were excited to understand more about the specific services delivered and the vendors approaches to this topic.

Who this report is relevant to

This report is over 300+ Pages of detailed analysis and is particularly relevant to:

  • MNOs who believe they already have Signalling Firewall solutions but have doubts about their internal solutions or about the vendors they are currently using.
  • MNOs who are actively looking around for alternatives. Clearly it is an area of much doubt for many MNOs who are concerned with losing crucial data, breaching their subscribers data protection rules or simply worried about the reputational impacts having poor Signalling Firewall solutions could induce.
  • Vendors who seek competitor analysis
  • Vendors who are looking to enter into this field.

To Purchase this Report

This Report is available to buy by requesting an Invoice at or by purchasing the report from our website here. 

Our methodology behind this report

This report has been designed by ROCCO with the help of MNOs and suggestions from several Vendors.  Ultimately the insights are coming from what we consider the leading vendors in this field. This report however, as always with ROCCO is independent research and sponsored only by ROCCO. We don’t take sponsorships. We see little point in glorifying the work of a specific vendor and getting paid for that (frankly no-one benefits from that kind of research, but often Vendors succumb to that research since they don’t have other options). Our value is in providing a platform for all vendors to present their solutions, in the same way that an MNO does its own research when they perform an RFQ. Therefore this report is detailed in its questioning and with over 300 pages in length is also quite complete in its analysis.

We prepared over 100 questions for this research, we contacted 22 vendors who claimed to have Signalling Firewall solutions and we waited to see who would respond. Within one week we found that some of the industries biggest names wanted to take part and we already had some insights. We identified vendors who specifically offered Signalling Firewalls as opposed to SMS Firewalls (we knew those vendors from our SMS Firewall Market Intelligence and Vendor Performance Reports from last year). A lot of the questions we asked were open-ended, with hardly any information supplied as to how to answer our questions. This was deliberate since we wanted to capture what the vendors truly knew about these services without giving leading questions. The answers we received were very diverse.

We are open to feedback on all our reports. We look forwards to hearing from you at