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Research announcement by Jason Bryan C.E.O. ROCCO.

It’s Autumn and around this time of the year we have lots to be thankful for. MNOs are active harvesting on the new revenue streams they have uncovered, while the vendors are harvesting on all the successes they also had supporting the MNOs in their new initiatives. But maybe this idealistic picture is not quite as typical for every business as this. Actually the future is extremely complex to predict and we are all anticipating what comes naturally in telecoms: change. You could say it’s like trying to rake leaves from the grass on a windy autumn day,  it’s not an enviable task for any company to try to handle all the elements they need to within their strategic planning.

To understand the changes which are coming, this Autumn / Winter season ROCCO is planning 10 insightful new Research projects. The research projects are all unsponsored and they are targeted at all kinds of businesses and people. ROCCO is spending months designing the projects, so that you can find it easy to participate and by participating that you will receive actionable data that supports your strategic decision making.



So you might ask if Vendors or MNOs don’t sponsor us to initiate projects, then how do we know what will be interesting? Well of course with over 500 MNOs and 180 Vendors contributing to our research every year we have insights every month into what’s important to them. ROCCO Research engagement is at an all-time high and the model we have for providing free Executive Summary reports to companies who help with the research is effective.

Earlier in the year we entered a new planning phase when we launched our Company Survey. It’s a lot of work but the industry has so many questions and executives like yourself need insights from somewhere to help you make the decisions you need to make.

Insights into what we are planning are above. But for up to the minute information on what is live or for research launch dates please see our webpage RESEARCH PROJECTS Please do us a favour and share this page with any MNOs or Vendors who you think could be interested, we are diversifying so maybe you are not the right contact for some of these topics.

Finally before you go… take a glance to our current projects by clicking that link above… there’s free Executive Summary reports for you if you simply spend 5-10 minutes giving us your view on topics relevant to you.