The Training Survey 2018

It’s our pleasure to present you with our Training Survey for 2018. We all know that in telecoms our need to stay on top of the latest trends in business is even more important than ever, both as MNOs and as Vendors. But we also know that every day people enter into this new arena and they need a lot of support to get them up to speed with our industry. Thats why we created our Masterclasses. But there are many ways to make someone knowledgeable which are sometimes more practical.

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Just when we get used to one new technology a new ones emerges. Some of the hot topics we anticipate for 2018 are 5G, AI, M-IoT, IoT Security, RCS and the list of abbreviations goes on and on.

But what do you need? What’s your vision of a perfect training course. We want to know. And in thanks for your views were willing to give you special discounts. For this Training survey and any Survey we are conducting which is relevant to you* we are offering a 10% discount on training for every survey you complete. Up to a maximum of 50% discount.

We will announce next week ROCCO REWARDS which is a scheme where simply participating in surveys can bring complimentary gifts and discount vouchers. Look out for more information next week, but please note the discounts start now. Simply go to our Research Projects page to begin. See our current Masterclasses here, but watch out for all new kinds of training in 2018.

*Incase you want discounts on surveys but they are not relevant to your area, have someone who knows about that topic in your company complete the relevant survey and we will honour the discounts they generate for you or that other person.