13/10/2017 Our 4th Steering of Roaming research into Vendors for Consumer Roaming Steering and the first research covering Internet of Things performance has begun. The research was initiated by ROCCO on request of Independent MNOs and MNO groups but also by several Enterprise customers who are evaluating which Vendor is best for their IoT solutions. There are 15 Vendors in the survey this year.

Any MNO seeking to change SoR provider, rate their current vendors or that wants to give their view on any Steering related topic can take this short survey. Thanks for supporting ROCCO Research

Take the Survey

While the main objective is to understand who are the best Vendors for SOR across IoT and Consumer, this survey also includes questions on eSIM, MNO advice on SoR optimisation and Security concerns.

The research is conducted with MNOs who complete a short and confidential survey to rate the vendors in the market. ROCCO reviews the respondees and the responses and creates a report.


  • ROCCO Rewards: As well as the free Executive Summary report each MNO who takes part will receive, any MNO who takes part also gets a 10% discount voucher for our Training Masterclasses for each survey they complete up to a maximum of 50% discount.
  • See our Research projects page for other surveys currently running
  • We also sell a comprehensive Strategic Analysis version of the report to recover our costs for providing this research. This research is not sponsored by anyone but ROCCO. See the reports that we sell here. 

Thanks again for encouraging these projects, it is important to us to continue working on research into important areas of MNOs business even while the topics are sometimes very niche.

Thanks for supporting ROCCO Research