IPX Evolutions: VoLTE, IoT, RLAH and Analytics

with Chris Lennartz from iBasis

These days there seems to be more and more activity on VoLTE. As reported in September this year by the GSA, over 200 operators are currently investing in VoLTE globally and there are over 120 countries where VoLTE has currently been commercially deployed.

A few weeks ago ROCCO announced the tier one vendors in our IPX Networks Vendor Performance Research. Among the five companies MNO rated as the best in perfromance and leadership was iBASIS a company well known for their leadership in supporting MNOs with VoLTE.

Recently we had the opportunity to interview Head of Product Management Mobile Services at iBasis Chris Lennartz.

In his interview Chris discusses IPX services in the context of VoLTE, Internet of Things, 5G and how Roaming teams are getting acclimitised to the growth in roaming, following intense Roaming regulations.

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