08/12/2017 ROCCO Launches new Vendor Performance survey for MNOs into Direct Carrier Billing.

As mentioned in our article earlier this week at ROCCO we are always being asked to use our unique Vendor Performance research methodology to explore new types of Vendors. MNOs want to know who are the best vendors and we will soon be able to answer this question thanks to MNOs feedback.

This is our first DCB Vendor Performance Survey for MNOs. Every MNO who takes part will be able to rank the DCB vendors and rate Vendors on over 30 KPIs about DCB. A great chance to recognise the leading vendors and understand the main drivers behind choosing the right vendors.

This is the first survey of its kind in the industry and of course any MNO who takes part will receive an exclusive report with the feedback of all MNOs. Every MNO who takes part will receive an Executive Summary Report once the survey concludes which will include the aggregated feedback of all Vendors who took part. Please pass this link or this page onto someone in your team who may be able to help us with this important industry feedback.


Those DCB Vendors listed below are included in our research, however if you are a Direct Carrier Billing Vendors we are happy to add you. Or any MNO who completes our survey can add any other Vendors they wish to rate.

  • Bango
  • Boku
  • Buongiorno
  • Centili
  • DCBEgypt
  • DOCOMO Digital
  • Fonix Mobile
  • Fortumo
  • Helcim
  • Junotele
  • LinkMobile
  • Macrokiosk
  • Mahindra Comviva
  • Mobiyo
  • Monsan
  • Nth Mobile
  • Paychamp
  • Panamax Inc
  • SLA Digital
  • SMS Online
  • Tola Mobile
  • TNS
  • txtNation
  • Veoo
  • Zong

For Vendors of DCB who don’t know ROCCO we are an independent and neutral Research company. We don’t take sponsors for our Vendor Performance Research every report we do it created by ROCCO and we give the feedback of the MNOs verbatim in our reports. You can imagine this makes interesting and informative reading with actionable results. When we conclude the research we will announce the results in tiers. Here’s an example of what we deliver for A2P SMS. 

Good luck to all Vendors. Many thanks to all MNOs for their participation.