New Research Survey starting into Wholesale Roaming Tariff Negotiations (IOT Negotiations)

MNOs can take the survey here

Surprisingly, one area we have never studied at ROCCO has been the negotiations of the Wholesale Roaming Inter-Operator tariffs between Mobile Operators for Roaming (confusingly also known as IOTs).

This is a majorly important area for MNOs as it represents cost savings on Roaming at wholesale level, which could either lead to the MNO being able to offer better retail tariffs to its end subscriber or invariably for the MNO to achieve higher margins. This is especially interesting and important today where Regulation is concerned since clearly Roaming charges are no more, but still the MNOs within the region will be charging each other something for the traffic of their subscribers.

This survey tries to uncover the trends in IOT negotiations, in context of the consumer and internet of things related negotiations and establishes the clear trends in negotiation models. It also asks, is there an alternative way for these negotiations to be completed, or a basis for more “discount deals” to be achieved by MNOs considering the frequency of the deals being made and the scale of Roaming partners that they work with.

This survey is open for 6 weeks, starting today.

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