It’s with great pleasure that we announce the winner of Mastermind Summer 2018. 

Many thanks for all the encouragement and support for the candidates of Mastermind Summer 2018 and a big thanks for all the supportive words we have heard about ROCCO and this fun and interesting industry initiative.

It was a very tough competition in this first series of Mastermind, with 5 really great and knowledgeable candidates answering 9 unknown questions on some great industry topics such as Blockchain, 5G and eSIM. We felt that all of the candidates did a great job and some of the podcasts will continue to be a source of important strategic insights for many months to come. To listen to all the candidates podcasts click here. 

The voting was performed on Linkedin and it was the first time we have engaged with Linkedin to see how votes could be captured. We thought at first that we would count the number of listeners to the podcasts, but that really wouldn’t be representative of which were the most liked. Voters could go to the ROCCO Linkedin page and vote for the candidates and this is where each podcast was presented and people voted for the one they liked the best. We had over 1000 voters which just goes to show how much these candidates are liked and what people thought to their answers. It was a very tough competition. With two candidates, Roee From and Öykü Mengenli, getting over 450 votes each.

However there is only one winner:

The Winner of Mastermind Summer 2018, with 524 votes is: 

Roee Froman, Director, Product Management and Global Presales at Starhome Mach.

Roee will shortly be presented with a special award recognising his position in the this first series of Mastermind and will be invited back to join series two in November 2018 when we will present a new series of Mastermind.

If you liked Mastermind and have any suggestions of topics or questions we should use in our next series, please contact us at