ROCCO HQ London 27/10/18 Our research has been concluded, the results have been checked and verified and we are pleased to announce the Tier One Providers in IPX Networks for 2018.

IPX Networks are one of the most important Vendors for all Mobile Operators need these days, offering a multitude of crucial services such as LTE Data Roaming, Diameter Signalling and Voice over LTE, VoLTE.  Apart from the core services, IPX Providers need to continually differentiate themselves by implementing greater Business Intelligence data and quality controls especially in light of the expectations for 5G with its quality led network slices starting to emerge in the next few years.

However, as we learned from this report, there’s strong criticism these days about the way IPX are pricing, deal with Peering and about IPX internal processes, which MNOs feel is creating barriers to competition and making rollout of LTE services slow. Even more reason for this year’s report which received contributions from over 200 MNOs (the largest response to date) to understand the market dynamics today and get opinions from MNOs on who are this years leading vendors.

Congratulations to all four Tier One providers who performed so well across the performance and leadership categories! Tier One means that across all categories these providers reached 4-5 points out of 5.

IPX Networks Vendor Performance Report 2018

Between July and October 2018 we asked MNOs globally to give us their perceptions of IPX Network Vendors, how well they knew them and how they would rate them. They rated Vendors on 40+ KPIs in the area of Performance, Value and Leadership. The survey was about brand perception, experience of these providers as well as an understanding of whether Operators would choose them over others. There were 28 Vendors which invited tough competition and new this year we also introduced a rating for NPS (Net Promoter Score) so the Vendors could see how they ranked in terms of their customers willingness to promote them.

Operators who participated in this Research will shortly receive their free Executive Summary Report, thanks for your support and feedback, we hope you enjoy the data and insights into the Vendors.

Congratulation to all the Vendors whom were recognised in the report!

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Earlier in the year MNOs requested data to assist with the understanding of what was the Market Price for key services offered by IPX Networks. Over 120 MNOs took part in these researches and the results allowed us to understand the Market Price by MNO type and also regionally. For more information please follow the links below.

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