London 31/10/2018 Following our A2P Monetization Research it was interesting to note how many MNOs have Firewalls these days. In our 3rd annual SMS Firewall Vendor Performance Research, MNOs get the chance to give feedback, endorse, or simply thoughts on the SMS Firewall Vendors they know in the industry.

What’s new about this years research. Well first, we’re more interested in monetisation as a topic than in previous years, secondly we have included the Net Promoter Score where we will Benchmark each Vendor again the industries standards. Thats a simple question you will find easy to answer.

As always with ROCCO the Executive Summary will be sent over to any MNO who completes the survey. Many thanks for participating.

Take the survey

You can also open your camera on your smartphone and pass it over this code to complete this survey on your phone.

In this years research we have 14 Vendors…

The research starts today October 31st 2018 and closes on December 7th 2018 with the report due the week later. 

Any enquiries please contact us at HQ@rocco.group