LAUNCH: Roaming Blockchain Market Intelligence Research

29,07,2019 London. ROCCO commences a unique new market intelligence research on Blockchain for Roaming.

If there’s one thing we can tell you about Blockchain, it’s that despite a lot of industry hype, interest is mounting about how we can use Blockchain’s features to solve one of the longest challenges of MNO’s and the industry around them, the delivery of Wholesale Roaming services.

The pressure of disruption in the Roaming market has been ongoing for more than a decade. But despite Chat Apps, Roaming regulations and the alternatives in the market, there are more roaming subscribers than ever before. Today’s connected consumer uses roaming with the same gusto abroad as they do at home and this is only going to continue.

“In the Wholesale Roaming world, processes which were made in the 1990’s by volunteers and with best endeavours, remain the foundation of how roaming is delivered in 2019, despite the demand for Roaming changing drastically. The industry is desperate for change and will explore any opportunity to make wholesale roaming delivery more efficient. While there’s a lot of speculation surrounding Blockchain, if you can see past it, there’s also a lot of value in exploring what Blockchain can do for roaming. ” Jason Bryan CEO ROCCO Research

This research will be conducted with a survey of around 40 questions about what companies are working on what advantages they think Blockchain can bring. It’s a great opportunity for companies to connect and share innovative ideas.

To take part in this research study, Vendors of Blockchain solutions, MNOs etc need only to contact us. The deadline for participation is the Friday 13th September 2019. The report will be available shortly after this date.