In 2019 ROCCO conducted a unique study on Wholesale Roaming processes, standards and International roaming teams called the “How we do Roaming” report. The research revealed a number of well known challenges in the industry which have been ongoing for decades, but it also brought to light several new challenges for MNOs reflecting the changing position of the responsibilities in these teams. Overall, the report underlined a need for serious innovation. With the advent of 5G, VoLTE and IoT Roaming becoming more prominent, roaming teams will have to scale up in an area already bloated with tasks and responsibilities which today is not working efficiently.

In particular the study revealed that one such evolution for roaming could be in looking beyond the existing ecosystem to see what was being used by other industries to innovate supply chain related processes. Clearly many mobile operators see wholesale roaming as something procured, through contract negotiation, delivered and maintained. The obvious choice for the challenges ahead was to look at what could be achieved through DLT’s and Blockchain.

So, in the last year ROCCO has been interviewing a number of mobile operators and vendors to ascertain how valuable Blockchain could be to the long term challenges around Wholesale Roaming processes. Our study features 9 companies perspectives and seems to suggest places to start, suggesting how all the companies in our ecosystem could get involved to optimise the industry.

Request a sample of the report here or to purchase follow this link. 

Roaming Blockchain is a major topic of ROCCO’s Genesis event, where companies will be presenting insights from this report and from their own solutions. For more bout ROCCO Genesis event see the dedicated website 

Thanks to the MNOs and Vendors who took part in this research study, it was a very insightful step into the future and how we can shape it.