LAUNCH: A2P SMS Messaging Market Intelligence Report 2020

Since we published our last A2P SMS Messaging Market Intelligence the marketplace for A2P SMS has changed dramatically. Maybe the message itself is no different but the vendors who deliver it for sure are. Who are the vendors with the thought leadership in 2020 and what do they have to say? The ones who can get the industry through the Corona crisis with innovation and leadership? And what does the industry look like in the year of Covid?

Adding value to mobile operators  A2P SMS Messaging business and ensuring the enterprises know where the industry is going, these are important times for the industry and the questions need to be asked about just what future investment should be made in SMS. Since we started our A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Benchmarking research in 2015 we have been collating year on year questions to ask the vendor community on the future of A2P SMS.

The Market Intelligence research which we have now started will feature:

  • The industries leading vendors,
  • Their insights,
  • Their projections on the industry,
  • What they are working on and why
  • and many more useful insights most requested by Operators and Enterprises.

If an A2P SMS Messaging Vendor wants to take part in the research they should simply contact HQ@ROCCO.GROUP. All vendors in our Vendor Directory who offer A2P SMS Messaging solutions will be immediately invited.

The survey closes on September 30th 2020. Thanks for supporting ROCCO Research. 

If you’re interested in ROCCO Research Vendor Benchmarking reports on A2P SMS simply click the image below to find out more.