The Leading Vendors of Steering of Roaming 2020

Tuesday 8th September 2020, London. ROCCO’s biennial Steering of Roaming Vendor Benchmarking Report 2020 is now published. For the fifth time ROCCO Research has run its benchmarking research on Steering of Roaming with global MNOs asking them how vendors perform on over 30 KPI’s on Performance and Leadership.

Steering of Roaming has become increasingly relevant in the last decade based on the optimisation of cost and quality concerns. This report brings new perspectives on how eSIM, IoT has impacted this area. Apart from the vendor study we also look at factors important to MNOs when considering their SoR Strategy with a view to make this report an important resource when considering the outsourcing strategy and vendor selection for Steering of Roaming. Many thanks to the 127 MNO’s who have contributed to this report.

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While our 2018 report featured no vendors in tier 1, this year two vendors reached a tier 1 status. We also had a new high score for their 1 status. Congratulations to all the vendors involved.