Now Published: eSIM Market Intelligence Report 2020

If you speak to any Mobile Operator or Vendor these days they are going to be considering at some level the changes coming from eSIM standardisation and adoption across the world.

In creating this report, ROCCO has interviewed 14 mobile network operators (MNOs) and 5 vendors to provide important insights on their stance towards eSIM as well as the type of solutions they provide that use with this technology. Moreover, we feature an overview of eSIM, its technological features and how it can transform key areas for MNOs as well as consumers.

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In comparison to the previous report, which was released in 2018, we are testing whether MNO’s stance towards eSIM has changed. This is important because, in general, operators have been reluctant to adopt eSIM due to its disruptive power which it was believed to have threatened many processes and revenues. Therefore, if operators become more open to this technology, this will certainly spur its adoption process.

It was great to hear from MNOs and to interview the above 5 Vendors on what initiatives they have been working on. Many thanks to all the companies who took part in this research.