As we saw from our RCS Market Intelligence Report, RCS is clearly gaining traction. This means for the first time, ROCCO is able to launch is Vendor Benchmarking Research for RCS (a long awaited report), meaning the time has finally come to ask the MNO community whats they think of the RCS Aggregators.

Take the Survey   The research is open for 7 weeks from October 7th – November 25th 2020

Brief background:

  • The RCS initiative was launched by telecom players in 2007 and in 2008 it become an official project within the GSMA.
  • In 2016 the GSMA published a globally agreed, single specification document for advanced communications: the Universal Profile.
  • Finally, in June 2019, Google announced that – via the Messages app – it would begin to deploy RCS compliant with the GSMA Universal Profile and that it was going to be on an opt-in basis.
  • Since then, four sets of players in the mobile telecom ecosystem have been adopting RCS: MNOs, Aggregators/Vendors/CPaaS companies, phone manufacturers and OS providers.
  • MNOs have implemented RCS branding in a number of ways:
    • Advance Messaging
    • Chat or Chat Messages
    • Message+ or Message+Call or +Message
    • RCS or join or SMS +
    • Universal Profile or Video Call
  • To find out more about the RCS Market own our RCS Messaging Market Intelligence Report
  • To find out more about A2P SMS Vendors own our Vendor Benchmarking reports based on research with hundreds of Enterprises and MNOs.
  • Vendors interested in taking part in research should be aware we are now conducting two further research studies with A2P SMS Vendors and CPaaS vendors. Please contact HQ@rocco.group for more information about these projects or to take part. They are both closing soon so don’t miss out.

RCS Vendor Benchmarking 2020

For 7 years ROCCO Research has been performing its vendor benchmarking to assist MNOs and Enterprises with strategic decision making in the messaging sector.  This year after having published our A2P SMS Vendor Benchmarking research, we were able to better define KPIs specifically for RCS. We have been busy interviewing MNOs and seeking consultation from thought leaders in this space. The 30+ RCS Specific KPIs will allow any MNO who is working with an aggregator on RCS to rate their aggregator on their performance and leadership on RCS. The research is open from October 7th – November 18th 2020 allowing 6 weeks for MNOs to respond. We expect to announce the tier one vendors in this space at the end of November 2020. MNOs who take part in the research receive a free Executive Summary report of all the findings showing all the Tier One Vendors in the market.

Who are the Vendors…

In this research we have identified 19 vendors however, all vendors can be included in our research. Our list is defined from Vendors who are part of the ROCCO Vendor Directory and Vendors who took part in our RCS Market Intelligence Research in 2019. In case you are an MNO and you don’t see your Vendor in the list when you enter the survey please select OTHER in the list and name them, you can still complete the survey and all the information will have been captured. In case you are a Vendor and you want to add your name directly to the list below, please join or update your profile in our Vendor Directory selecting RCS as a service. We will update the research accordingly.

ROCCO Research is independent work, never sponsored, just direct and honest assessment of the situation, facilitated by ROCCO but based on the opinions of the telecoms community including over 500 MNOs who take part every year. Good luck to all the Vendors and many thanks to the MNO community for participating in ROCCO Research.