Data Clearing and Financial Clearing Vendor Benchmarking Research 2021

24.11.2020 New research begins on Data Clearing Houses and Financial Clearing Houses

Since 2013, every two years ROCCO conducts our Vendor Benchmarking studies of the clearing houses in the market. We do this because quite often DCH and FCH providers change direction, they get new management, new ownership and all of this can lead to major changes in what they provide. We track this for mobile operators by gathering insights about what is happening directly from the operator community. ROCCO receives feedback from over 500 mobile operators annually.

In 2021 Mobile Operators are thinking about some of the following challenges and Opportunities:

  • BCE the Billing and Charging Evolution for Wholesale Roaming.
  • If they are working with the most innovative vendors. Which vendors have the best systems for making processes more efficient
  • Which vendors have the right pricing models. Our recent Wholesale Roaming report stated that the majority of Mobile Operators were thinking differently about how they work with their vendors in light of Covid 19. Considering what capacity and charging model they wanted to use.
  • They need or how they can evolve their businesses to account for 5G and VoLTE or M-IoT services like NB-IoT and LTE-M.

In light of this, ROCCO has put together a unique set of questions which will identify the direction MNOs are taking. As each service has unique vendors and some operators do not have Financial Clearing Houses we run two surveys which each take less than 10 minutes to complete:

Take the Data Clearing Survey Closes end of February 2021

Take the Financial Clearing Survey  Closes beginning of March 2021

In return for their efforts, Mobile Operators receive free Executive Summary reports for these areas, which give them all the trends in the market, advice from fellow MNOS, as well as an overview of the best vendors.

Stay connected to what MNOs are thinking. Thank you for supporting ROCCO Research.