CPaaS Market Intelligence Report 2020

From a business perspective, hyper-connectivity poses a real challenge. Companies need to ensure the proper management of their customer communication channels so that communications are flexible and make sense. In this regard, CPaaS represents a suitable solution for many different types of enterprises and organisations for customer relationship management (CRM).

One key feature of CPaaS is versatility since it allows its implementation in a wide range of channels such as video, mobile messaging, Over-the-top (OTT) messaging, voice or email. Besides, due to its versatility, CPaaS is useful for a wide variety of use cases. For instance, a senior person who has reduced mobility can easily communicate with his physician from his own home without the nuisance of having to visit the health centre. Also, let’s suppose a tourist that losses her boarding pass before check-in at the airport. With CPaaS, the airline can quickly share the boarding pass via Rich Communication Service (RCS) or an OTT messaging app. All in all, these two cases exemplify the potential of CPaaS in terms of increased convenience for customers.

CPaaS has had a great year in 2020. Visibility has reached new levels. In fact Communication Platforms as a Service are meant to become the buzz of the 2020’s as the one all encompassing solutions needed that is adaptable to all messaging needs.

CPaaS Marketing Intelligence Report 2020

In our Market Intelligence report 2020, ROCCO has interviewed 12 leading vendors in the CPaaS space. Each vendor has given all kinds of insights, especially relevant in these times of COVID 19. Don’t miss hearing how the vendors see the future of this service, how they plan to grow their platforms, what impacts COVID-19 has had for them and many more specific CPaaS insights.

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