5G Roaming Survey for MNOs raises the serious questions about the future of SA

Following our 5G Roaming Strategy Report in 2019, this is an area ROCCO has been focussed on since 2015. The latest survey is a serious analysis of MNOs strategy for 5G SA Roaming. Designed by MNOs for MNOs, these are questions that need to be answered to ensure the industry moves forwards on the main challenges.

MNOs who take part in our research will be invited to take the survey. If you’re an MNO interested to take part please contact us at HQ@rocco.group

For a few Vendors we are also running an analysis of the Vendor marketplace for 5G Roaming. We are looking from Vendors who offer a wide perspective of 5G services for use by MNOs to deliver or deploy 5G Roaming. Again, HQ@rocco.group is the place to ask to be a part of the research. There is a deadline for both researches.

This year, we have a special initiative for our 5G Roaming survey, we are working with One Tree Planted to help tackle the problem of deforestation. Every time an MNO completes the survey we will plant  tree. Choose which country from 29 options where you would like to plant a tree. the options are at the end of the survey.

If you want to learn the fundamentals behind 5G Roaming ROCCO U has a course for that… follow the link to find out more 5G Roaming