New Research Open for Vendors of 5GSA Solutions for MNOs

Following our 5G Roaming Strategy Report in 2019, this is an area ROCCO has been focussed on since 2015.

As we enter into the 5G SA era, there’s lots of talk about what support MNOs will need from vendors for roaming services. Roaming in the 5G SA environment is a world apart from what has happened in previous generations.

To assist MNOs to understand what is offered by which Vendors, we’re asking Vendors to complete a questionnaire with ROCCO to ascertain what they will support. Whether it’s SEPP services, QoS parameters, SLAs, this environment is expected to raise a lot of new requirements on the vendor community.

For Vendors to showcase their offering, communicate what they are doing, this research costs nothing to take part. We later sell the full report to any MNO or vendor who wants to buy it and the Executive Summary containing all the insights will be shared across all ROCCO’s social media channels.

MNOs are asking ROCCO for 5G SA Roaming insights and there’s right now a clear gap for communicating the wider ecosystem and how it will work for the next generation of Roaming services.

We are writing to vendors who took part previously, but incase your a vendor and you want to take part just write to us at

For MNOs we started the research some time ago and we have a good participation. If you’re an MNO write to us at the same email address to receive the survey.

If you want to learn the fundamentals behind 5G Roaming ROCCO U has a course for that… follow the link to find out more 5G Roaming