London 01/03/2022 ROCCO launches its annual A2P SMS Research studies for 2022.

Since 2015 ROCCO has been conducting our unique independent Vendor Benchmarking surveys on A2P SMS for Mobile Operators, asking them to rate their A2P SMS vendors on around 30 specific KPIs. This benchmarking exercise has become an important support for MNOs through the years in ensuring the monetisation of their A2P SMS business. In 2019 we added a survey for Enterprises. Surveying Enterprises allowed us to explore the valuable perspectives of the thousands of enterprises globally who are using SMS these days. This years two new surveys are prepared and we are pleased to announce the surveys are open for 2022. Simply click on the appropriate links or images below to follow the survey that applies to your company.

The Surveys

The Surveys take on average a minimum of 8 minutes to complete. Respondees can either follow the links or use their phones camera facility to scan the QR code to go direct to the survey that’s right for them.

The surveys close on 25th April 2022. 

Survey for Enterprises

Survey for MNOs

Every Enterprise or MNO who takes part receives the Executive Summary report for the survey they conduct. Respondees to the surveys will see unique insights about A2P SMS as well as the top ranking vendors.

An Enterprise is any organisation (e.g. Airlines, Retail, Banks, Public organisations, Authorities etc) that is not a Mobile Operator that uses an aggregator or hub to deliver Application to Person SMS related messages to their customers.

The research is not sponsored, to recover our costs for running the research, ROCCO produces a Strategic Analysis Version of the report which it sells. The reports will become available to buy on the 9th May 2022. 

All Tier one Vendors will receive awards at the Genesis Visionaries Gala in leaderboard order on 17th May 2022. See more about the Visionaries Gala at  

Regional and 5 year perspectives Report

Last year ROCCO produced an additional report which featured a regional breakdown over the last 5 years, it showcased which vendors were consistently the highest rated by MNOs in all the regions of the world.

Read about this Report

The Vendors

Due to the massive choice of Vendors in the market ROCCO has reduced its listing of Vendors in the surveys to enable easier responses for respondees. However any Vendor can be added simply contact us to advise us.

Most key international vendors appear on the list, however please note that any MNO or Enterprise if they don’t see their vendor on the list can simple select OTHER and add their vendor to comment about them. ROCCO is monitoring the status of vendors in the report daily.

The Methodology

  1. We design the surveys based on KPIs set by the MNOs and Enterprises.
  2. We promote the research openly via Social Media, through email and through personal interviews.
  3. Any respondee to our survey is taking the survey with complete anonymity, with GDPR compliance and in complete confidence. ROCCO aggregates all the data received to summarise the respondents views globally and by showing also the vendor ratings by region.
  4. All the respondees are carefully verified to ensure they are who they say they are. This is the greatest challenge, but it also ensures we produce a true reflection of the market views.
  5. We then produce the reports, which are normally over 100 pages in length and include opinions given by the respondees as well as an overall ranking score.

Thanks for participating in ROCCO Research