Amer Siraj, Chief Commercial Officer of GMS, interviewed by Jason Bryan

Having a deep understanding of all sides of the A2P messaging ecosystem allows Global Message Services (GMS) to bridge the information and solutions gap between enterprises and operators.

In this exclusive interview, Jason Bryan CEO of ROCCO Research, speaks to Amer Siraj, Chief Commercial Officer, GMS, about how a strong focus on the customer experience led to GMS’ Tier One position in ROCCO‘s A2P SMS Vendor Benchmarking report 2022 – MNO Edition.

Follow their conversation and gain insights on the following:

  • The biggest challenge facing the messaging industry today
  • How digitalisation is shaping the face of messaging
  • How MNOs can leverage on the CPaaS revolution to add additional revenue streams
  • How GMS acts as a bridge between operators and enterprises

Congratulations to GMS for their Tier One status in our A2P SMS Vendor Benchmarking report 2022 – MNO Edition research.