BCE Clearing & Monetisation Survey

ROCCO HQ London 13/11/23

ROCCO is releasing the BCE & Clearing Monetisation Vendor Benchmarking survey for mobile operators.

By now there’s not a Roaming team on the planet who hasn’t heard that TAP standards are no longer being updated and the future is BCE. The Billing and Charging Evolution is already adopted by between 5% and 10% of MNOs.

ROCCO has used its well-known KPI methodology for performance and leadership measurement and based on expertise from several leaders in the BCE space, has created KPIs specific to BCE so that we can run our very first BCE Vendor Benchmarking Survey.

The reason for the survey is two-fold: To understand the application of the standards by these suppliers and secondly, to help raise awareness of BCE, and the challenges and opportunities coming with this solution.

The survey is for MNOs who are working on BCE only, it’s open until January 31st 2024 and takes about 7-10 minutes to complete. Give your view on the new clearing method, and learn what others think. Your voice matters and together we can progress the development of BCE.

You cant take the survey here

Each operator that participates in this survey will receive the Executive Summary report.

Thank you for supporting ROCCO Research!