This report is available from 21st May 2019 and contains up-to-the-moment Strategic advice on How Wholesale Roaming is delivered in 2019. This report is a perfect guide for Roaming teams on how to optimise their functions and what to consider to make the most efficient Wholesale Roaming Team based on the advice of over 100 Global MNOs.

This Strategic Analysis Report has been created based interviews with MNOs and International Vendors and contains 50+ Pages of data

In 2015 we conducted the same report and MNOs found it helpful. Some of the key factors that came out of the research were the challenges MNOs had with pretty much all aspects of the Wholesale Roaming business. From 30 year old processes, to paper orientated processes and of course a lot of inefficiency.

Since that time the role of that function has remained the same but has faced considerable challenges (regulations, new service openings, silent roamer growth, market disruption). It’s not an easy role especially when we consider the growth in Roaming usage is tremendous globally. 3.8% growth in travel and 300% increase in Roaming in the EU alone has seen roaming being used more than ever before.

Interestingly, with 5G Roaming coming in the next few years the wholesale roaming function is going to face new challenges unlike its ever seen before. The negotiations and service openings will be based on optimising costs of course but also now about optimising quality. All these considerations and more are addressed in this unique report.

The Strategic Analysis Version contents:

Contents 2
About the Authors 4
Introduction 6
Methodology 7
Executive Summary 8
MNOs which appear in this report 8
The Wholesale Roaming Team Structure 9
In which Department is Wholesale Roaming Managed 10
Wholesale Roaming Team Responsibilities 11
Live Roaming Partners 2019 12
Support for Wholesale Roaming Teams 15
Industry Frustrations 16
Specific Areas which Frustrate MNOs 17
Industry Satisfactions 20
Industry Meeting Attendance 22
Roaming Standards That Need Improvement 23
Roaming Processes That Need Improvement 24
What Associations can do more to support MNOs 26
The Roaming Teams Biggest Challenges 28
Comments from The Roaming Teams 29
Global Data Roaming Revenue Barometer 31
Global Voice Roaming Revenue Barometer 32
Revenue Enhancements MNOs Plan to Make 33
What Opportunities are Coming for the Wholesale Roaming Team 35
Challenges Connecting Roaming Partners and how to handle them 38
Efficiency Barometer 39
Recommendation for Process Improvements for IOT Discount Agreements 40
Vendor Outsourcing Considerations Checklist 43
Competitiveness in the Wholesale Roaming Products and Services Market 44
Processes MNOs would like to Outsource which they Cannot Today 45
What Processes Should Not be Outsourced 46
Eligibility for taking part in this report 47
Your Feedback, Our Future Reports 47
Current research projects for MNOs 49
ROCCO Catalogue 49

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