The Strategic Analysis version of the report is published on 22nd September and contains 90+ pages of analysis of the main providers in the International Voice market.

The Executive Summary (this part of the report is sent to the Operators who take part in the research) contains:

  • Tier Vendor listing
  • MNOs’ opinions on the key challenges and major developments in International Voice (e.g. Top requirements, expected changes in the space,…)

The Strategic Analysis version contains:

General Ratings and Brand Awareness for the following vendors:

Airtel, Apelby Communications, Arelion, Bankai Group, BICS, BT Wholesale, China Mobile International, China Telecom Global, China Unicom Global, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, HGC Global Communications, iBASIS, IDT Corporation, KDDI Global, LANCK Telecom, Lumen Technologies, NTT Communications, Orange Wholesale, PCCW Global, TATA Communications, Tecomsa, Tele 2, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Telefónica Global Solutions, Telenor Global Services, Telstra International, TNZi, Vodafone Carrier & Partner Services, Voice Carrier Inc., VOX Solutions, WIS Telecom

  • A detailed Comparison on over 30 Leadership and Performance KPIs (defined by MNOs) on these specific vendors that received ratings from 5 different operators: BICS, China Mobile International, HGC Global Communications, iBASIS and TATA Communications
  • Changing Vendor (MNOs indicate whether they are changing their vendor)
  • Net Promoter Score i.e. if MNOs actively promote them to others
  • Conclusions Vendor by Vendor with operator quotes on their performance
  • Leaderboard
  • Information about international call volumes and the impact derived from COVID-19
  • Strategic Conclusions by ROCCO Research Team

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