This report is available from 9th April and contains the latest Strategic insights from Enterprises, MNOs and Vendors on Messaging solutions. It has 56 pages.

The ROCCO Messaging Strategy Report 2018 is a report dedicated to the investigation of Messaging as a service towards Enterprises being offered by MNOs or Vendors through an omni-channel approach. The scope of the report is to investigate what do these three parties in the provision of messaging to the end user think about the current state of Messaging but more over which messaging types will they be working with in the near future.

The participation by companies in this report is as follows:
26 Enterprises in 23 Countries
121 MNOs in 96 Countries
41 Vendors in 36 Countries

The Report Contents with page numbers: 

Contents 2
About the Authors 5
Introduction 6
Executive Summary 7
The Objectives of this Report 8
Participation in this Survey 9
Trends in Messaging Options 11
Enterprises 13
Which Messaging Enterprises Use 13
Which Messaging Solutions Enterprise’s Like 17
Enterprise’s Likelihood to Invest 18
Enterprise Reasons for Non Usage of Messaging Options 19
Enterprise Timeline for Launch 23
Top 3 Enterprise Messaging Options used with their use case 24
Top 3 Enterprise Messaging Options used with specific use verticals 25
Top 3 Enterprise Messaging Options Establishment 26
Enterprise views on A2P SMS Versus Chat Apps 27
Vendors 28
Overview 28
Which Messaging Solutions Vendors Provide 29
Which Messaging Solutions Vendors Like 30
Vendors Likelihood to Invest 31
Vendors Reasons for Non Usage of Messaging Options 32
Vendor Timeline for Launch of Messaging Solutions 36
Vendor Opinions on Challenges in the Industry 37
Vendor Views on the Industry 38
Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) 40
Messaging Solutions MNO’s Like 40
MNOs View on Investing in A2P RCS and Chat Bots 41
MNOs Reasons for Non-use of Messaging Options 42
MNO Timeline for Launch 46
MNO Challenges with Messaging 47
MNOs Messaging Opinions 49
How MNOs started working with the messaging solutions 53
MNOs Messaging Options used with their use case 54
Which Messaging Verticals MNOs support 55
Notes on Our Report 56
Eligibility for taking part in this report 56
Your Feedback, Our Future Reports 56