Payment Method

  • Credit Card: Simply order the report from the website, follow the Paypal option and select Credit Card for Credit Card payments.
  • Pay Pal: From our website using a Paypal account. Simply follow the Paypal option and select PayPal account information.
  • Invoice: Purchasing can also be done via Invoice on request at HQ@rocco.group

Purchasing Report Points

Independent MNOs, MNO groups, Vendor and organisations or bodies which want to add ROCCO reports to their Research libraries can purchase report points. The points are for reports on a Single Use License basis, which in ROCCO terms means for the use of a single company. A Terms of Use license agreement is signed prior to report purchases.

An amazing offer

  • All Report points are paid in advance with a one-time only invoice. The report points don’t expire.
  • Any report can be purchased with a single point. Companies who buy report points will be provided with a statement, which is updated every time that they buy or use points.
  • ROCCO will notify all customers of reports available for purchase on their publication.
  • ROCCO+ Subscription customers receive automatically all reports (within their 12 month subscription year), subscriptions can start at any time of the year. 

Simply contact HQ@rocco.group for any questions. 

2 Report Points

  • Original Price £4,500
  • Bundle Price £3,800

4 Report Points

  • Original price £9,000
  • Bundle Price £6,750

6 Report Points

  • Original price £13,500
  • Bundle Price £9,000

ROCCO+ Annual Subscription (All Reports for 12 months)

  • Original Price £30,600
  • Bundle Price £13,200


  • The catalogue shows ROCCO Research reports for 2023.
  • It also shows courses on offer from ROCCO U www.roccoeducation.com 
  • Like the telecoms industry, ROCCO is very dynamic, ROCCO will add Reports to this list where MNOs have identified reporting needs and we can accommodate them in a quality way.
  • Pricing is for one report on a Single Use License basis. This rate does not entitle the company purchasing the report to distribution outside of the company but it does allow everyone in the company to enjoy the report. To purchase Unlimited Distribution of a report, please contact us.