This report is available from 2nd May 2019 and contains up-to-the-moment Strategic advice on 5G Roaming

This Strategic Analysis Report has been created based interviews with MNOs and International Vendors and contains 30+ Pages of data

With every passing year, the launch of 5G – as expected – is quietly nudged further and further. But then why was 2018 the year of vacuous hype, why was 5G thrown around like it was packaged and ready to go? The results from our 5G survey so far prove that 5G Roaming is moving forward. 

There are multiple reports on Domestic 5G strategies, roll-out plans, business cases, etc. However, this is the first ever independent study into what operators globally are thinking about 5G Roaming and what the main drivers are behind their decision on moving forward.

The Strategic Analysis Version contents:

Contents 2
About the Authors 5
Introduction 6
Methodology 7
Executive Summary 8
5G Starts with plans for IoT but also for Consumers 8
Five Alive but not yet Kicking 11
MNOs which appear in this report 13
5G Domestic and Roaming Launch Dates 14
Domestic Rollout: Is Roaming a Factor? 15
5G Stand Alone or Non Stand Alone 16
5G Roaming Trial Strategy 17
5G Main Drivers 18
Frequency Bands 20
Strategic Analysis 21
Network Sharing 21
Network Sharing: MNOs in Favour 22
Network Sharing: MNOs Not in Favour 22
Network Slicing 23
Network Slicing Charging 26
5G Billing 26
Price Per Slice 27
5G Network Security 28
VoLTE Roaming 29
Do you have VoLTE Today 29
Termination of Legacy 2G / 3G networks 31
VoLTE and 5G Roaming 33
Are Vendors Ready for 5G 34
IPX Business Model 35
MNO Concerns about 5G Roaming 36
The Fall Back Method 37
Roaming Partner Network Size 37
Frequency Compatibility 37
Permanent Roaming 38
Regulations 38
Pricing Compatibility 39
ROCCO’s Vision of 5G deployments : 40
Eligibility for taking part in this report 42
Your Feedback, Our Future Reports 42
Current research projects for MNOs 42
ROCCO Catalogue 43

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