eSIM: From Threat to Opportunity

ROCCO recently released the eSIM Strategy Report, a topic which many voices have considered as one of the key trends in telecommunications. Over the years, eSIM has generated debate as many operators saw it as a Roaming killer and therefore a threat. However, most MNOs have changed their perception and their commitment to eSIM has increased. There is also a thriving ecosystem of eSIM vendors which, together with the release of eSIM-only handsets, makes one optimistic about the potential of eSIM in the future. In terms of participation, this report includes feedback from 126 MNOs in 85 countries and the participation of eSIMGO, Keepgo, Monty Mobile, Redtea Mobile and Valid.


MNOs & eSIM: Use Cases, Security & Vendors

In this report, participant operators discussed their views and experiences with eSIM. The main reason for the shift is that operators are starting to see the opportunity that eSIM presents. In explaining this, operators mentioned what they see as the key benefits of eSIM deployment. For example, MNOs also discussed their current commitment to eSIM, such as what proportion of their eSIMs are dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) and what is dedicated to subscribers. As fraud prevention is an important issue, this report also covers some of the key security concerns from an MNO perspective and an overview of eSIM-related fraud. In addition, given the importance of eSIM vendors, MNOs have also indicated which vendors have the best brand awareness and what key criteria they choose when selecting a vendor.

eSIM Vendors: Solutions, Market Trends & Advice for MNOs

The vendors interviewed have explained the features of their eSIM solutions. This information is useful for mobile operators and other stakeholders interested in creating synergies with eSIM vendors and capitalising on the emerging eSIM opportunity. From a market analysis perspective, the vendors have shared their views on which companies are driving change in the eSIM space. They have also explained the potential impact of eSIM-only handsets, and discussed what the key opportunities and challenges are for eSIM from an operator perspective

This report is a guide for MNOs who want to be better informed about how they can benefit from eSIM and what their operator counterparts are experiencing with eSIM. Vendors can also better understand the operator perspective and explore what other eSIM vendors are doing.

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