26.10.2016 London. ROCCO works with Vendors to understand the Market and types of Big Data Services offered by IPX and publishes the IPX BIG DATA Market Intelligence Report 2016

Commencing in August, ROCCO’s Stefano de Zottis started crafting a research plan into BIG Data services offered by IPX. ROCCO together gathered responses from 9 Vendors who indicated they had these services to answer over 60 detailed questions in an interview style. Having captured all the data required in September the report was created and is now available to industry. The reports main aim is to review side by side the Vendors solutions and understand their approach, their specific services and their vision of these services.

9 IPX Providers accepted to participate in this Market Intelligence Research project: BICS, Comfone, Deutsche Telekom ICSS, iBasis, Syniverse, Tata Communications, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Telia Carrier, and Transaction Network Services.
The project aims to provide an overview of the IPX Providers’s businesses and revenues, the services they currently provide with over IPX, their vision about the future of the IPX services. This reports is also focused on the solutions that such IPX Providers are offering for Big Data analytics, to support the MNO’s roaming business.
As for the services “over IPX”, (hereinafter also referred to as IPX-based services), this report is keeping the main focus on the LTE Roaming offering, though it providers with insights into the full portfolio of the IPX Providers’s IPX-based services.
This report aims to reach three key objectives:

  • To help generate awareness of the IPX Providers in the market who offer Big Data analytics solutions.
  • To help educate MNOs about the opportunities coming from working with these IPX Providers (promotion of the solutions and the providers).
  • To provide insights into the market and projections about the future opportunities (we want to report on what opportunities there may be in this market).

Sometimes we include MNO or Vendor insights within our reports to provide a wider and more conclusive perspective. Vendors use our research projects to give their views, visibility to their products and services and to understand their competition. Together these insights give a wide view on the topic.

This report is created neutrally, sponsored only by ROCCO, enabling us to directly ask the questions we want and receive and publish the responses verbatim from the Vendors who took part. Many thanks to the Vendors who took part in this research, your executive summary report is being dispatched shortly. Please let us know any feedback you may have.

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ROCCO is a company who chose to be neutral

In the 4 years we have been providing ROCCO Research we have acquired the participation of 500+ Operators and approx 75 Vendors and we think this is because of the trust we have developed with our networks and long lasting relationships with MNOs. We provide something for free to MNOs for sharing with us their views and they have many thoughts to share!

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