20/09/2018 ROCCO publishes today a Wholesale Roaming IOT Discount Strategy available for free to Mobile Operators.

Wholesale IOT Discount deals have been used for close to 20 years. While the GSMA produces templates for IOT Discounts, there is no standard discount contract used today, no formal processes or models which are standardised.

Making the deals is an important, time consuming and strategic piece of work that every Operator in the world has adopted in order to maximise revenues and reduce costs in the face of local competition and the growing demand of Roaming Partners for discounts.

This report aims to provide useful insights from Mobile Operators about their strategy for Wholesale Roaming IOT Discount deals, how they are implemented and what issues they face with the processes that are involved. 

  • This report does not contain any information about Wholesale Roaming rates or specific IOT rates with any operator, country or region. 
  • The report is based on a survey run with global Mobile Operators from May 2018 until August 2018. 

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MNOs who complete the How we do Wholesale Roaming in 2019 Survey will receive this report for free