How We Do Wholesale Roaming in 2019

If it’s not already clear by now ROCCO is passionate about Roaming. Our Group CEO’s come from Wholesale Roaming teams and we are protective about its future and its evolution. With this our reputation with MNOs Wholesale Roaming Teams is strong since we dig into the niche areas of their roles and try to uncover insights which help them.

How We Do Wholesale Roaming in 2019 Strategy Report

In 2015 we made a survey with MNOs and the report which came from our findings was widely circulated and communicated by MNOs for several years. Since 4 years have passed and the Roaming team is in a different space we felt it was time to repeat our survey. The result is this 50 page report into the strategy of Wholesale Roaming teams based on the feedback of 138 MNOs.

The report investigates everything from resourcing to the objectives and strategic plans of the MNOs. What they think to the support they have in the industry and why some Vendor types are more productive than others. This report is a natural fit with a bundle of other strategy reports we have been doing: on 5G, VoLTE, Alternative Roaming Solutions, Bill Shock and eSIM. As well as all the Vendor Performance reports we conduct. Overall, with 5G Roaming and LPWA, Wholesale Roaming teams have new challenges ahead, they need to be resourced up to support these challenges when they arrive and have as many insights as possible to know how to build the wholesale roaming teams of the future.

The full report is sent for free to the MNOs who responded to the survey. 

The report is also available to buy through the invoice process by emailing HQ and from ROCCO’s website by credit card or Paypal. 

Here’s some insights from the report….